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Click here to get all the scientific evidence on homeopathy.

All unbiased meta analyses of scientific homeopathy research have come to the same conclusion, Homeopathy works.

In 2014 the Mathie meta analysis concluded that homeopathy as a whole outperforms placebo by a 2:1 margin.

A six year study of over 6500 patients at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in England showed that over 70% of patients with chronic diseases reported positive health changes after treatment.

It may be said that the goals of modern science are simple. The first goal is to identify all the observable patterns of phenomenon found in nature. Once a phenomenon has been repeatedly observed then the next phase of science is to attempt to explain how and why that particular phenomenon occurs. Data is gathered through a long process of testing hypotheses.

The fact that that Homeopathy has helped many many millions of people over the last 200 years in not in dispute by any rational scientist.[1]

Scientists do however disagree about the reason for homeopathy’s long track record of success. Some scientists claim that homeopathy is simply placebo. This is one hypothesis. Another hypothesis claim that homeopathy works because of the medicinal value of nano particles. While there is promising research suggesting that the nano particle theory may be true, there is not yet enough research done in this area. With regard to the placebo theory of homeopathy, the mounting body evidence does not support this theory. In fact all unbiased meta analyses point to the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine beyond placebo. With no clear explanation of how homeopathy has been so effective for so many years, some people dismiss the entire phenomenon of millions of satisfied patients as not being meaningful. However these same people walk on the earth every day, thereby accepting the reality of gravity, even though the hows and whys of gravity, just like homeopathy, have not been explained either!

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  1. “It is a fact that homeopathy helps many people!” Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association (allopath). see here