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Das FreeWiki ist teilweise zweisprachig, zur deutschsprachigen Version hier!]

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The up to date explanation of the project FreeWiki, the idea and the implementation, as well as plans for the near future you will find in this brochure as pdf for download.



What FreeWiki is

FreeWiki will be a collection of our knowledge about the world, ourselves and our life – comprehensive, diverse, holistic, emancipative and critical.

FreeWIki is a chance to collect our knowledge that is not represented well elsewhere and build a platform to put down our accumulated information and insight for easy and lasting access.

In FreeWiki, contexts are emphasized because the whole is more important and more than its parts. In order to promote understanding, there may also be detailed explanations on individual topics that go beyond the mere listing of facts. This sometimes results in a more creative style that can go beyond the scope of an encyclopedia.
This also implies that the authors of important passages may be named sometimes. In general, there is no anonymity.

FreeWiki is multilingual, currently German and English. Each language can contain independent articles or translations of the others.

All articles in FreeWiki are under the license Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported (Short Version) and can be freely used by everyone.
The project is only donation based.
FreeWiki is strictly bound to monitoring and approval of changes by a group of editors to avoid being overrun by the same groups that now enforce the bias of Wikipedia.

What FreeWiki isn't

FreeWiki is not an opinion forum where personal views on politics or other issues can be shared. And FreeWiki is also not a critical online magazine like DemocracyNow. Critical opinion-forming should take place there.
FreeWiki is not a self-help portal where you can find medical, psychological or wellness tips.




Relation to Wikipedia

Knowledge is by no means neutral. Every source of information is created according to certain criteria and given interests, because as they say: knowledge is power.

Wikipedia is an attempt to collect the knowledge of a materialistic and mechanistic world view and to present the ideological view of neoliberalism and state-conformist western politics. With this narrative of the world Wikipedia (evidence see there) has almost achieved a global monopoly of information and opinion, which gives the wrong impression that the views spread there are objective or scientific. In many cases Wikipedia is not used to inform about clear facts, but to convey the opinion of certain groups in the veil of information. Of course, this should not be the purpose of this platform, but it happens again and again and cannot be corrected, because the administrators block all attempts at correction and the authors involved.

This can be unsatisfactory for those whose world view is oriented towards other basic positions, especially since other aspects are specifically blocked by the Wikipedia administrators.
FreeWiki takes a more comprehensive view and opens the perspective also for holistic world views and for views outside the political left-right mainstream.

An important requirement for a successful medical treatment is that the patient has been enabled to consider all available options and their advantages, risks, disadvantages and consequences. This goes back to the medical ethical requirements of transparency and patient autonomy. It is grounded in many national laws as the requirement for informed consent. Therefore there is a need for a truthful and independent information source, which Wikipedia has often shown not to be. FreeWiki aims to complement the information that is offered on Wikipedia.

Contributing: How to:

You are invited to participate in this project and introduce your fields of knowledge in form of articles. Any kind of proposals, ideas, criticism and additions are very welcome. .
Interested? – If you would like to make your own contribution , please note the following four steps:

1. Register with the link "Create user account" in the upper right corner of this page.
Due to numerous unpleasant experiences with other project pages, we do not allow anonymous contributions. However, you have the possibility to give yourself an alias and tell me your real name.

2. Write an email to info(at)freewiki.eu to tell that you have done so and to be given editing rights,

3. After your editing rights have been activated, you can use an editing link next to a heading to edit content.
You may choose a page from the Desiderata list, giving an overview for editors, or create a new page (how to do this, see here).

4. Please read the Editing aids for authors.

- Thank you for supporting this project.

Your FreeWiki team.




Desiderata - desired contributions / Overview of topics for editors

Contents for users

Processing aids



For those with technological interests: You will also find help to handle this wiki in the  user manual.