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To run an online platform like FreeWiki is a very demanding task, which needs a lot of support by its users.

If you find FreeWiki useful and necessary, please help by

1. contributing text and articles

2. making FreeWiki known

     e.g. by sharing it in social networks

     e.g. by quoting and using text and articles

     e.g. by mentioning it on your website

3. donating money to cover the costs for

    the technical side, the server, the programming etc.  

FreeWiki will always remain free of charge and advertising free. This means that the costs can only be covered by donations. Currently the project is not yet charitable and private in my hands (Jörg Wichmann). This means that currently no donation receipts can be issued, or that such receipts are not tax-deductible.

You can currently only donate via Paypal to my email address if you would like to support the project in this way. A special donation account will be opened shortly.