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[[:de:Desiderata_-_erwünschte_Beiträge|Desiderata - erwünschte Beiträge]]
== '''Desiderata''' ==
== '''Desiderata''' ==
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This page can be completed by everyone.
This page can be completed by everyone.
[[:de:Desiderata_-_erwünschte_Beiträge|Desiderata - erwünschte Beiträge]]
==Examples of one-sided wikis, i.e. entries to be processed:==
==Examples of one-sided wikis, i.e. entries to be processed:==

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Desiderata - erwünschte Beiträge


here I list all topics to which I am currently looking for contributions. Most of them are those that I have noticed in Wikipedia as one-sided representations or that contain such. The greater part of the Wikipedia articles is usually quite okay, so that a lot of material can be taken over easily. Only individual devaluations need to be corrected or omitted facts added or other sources added. What I have noticed, I write behind the term in brackets. This page can be completed by everyone.

Examples of one-sided wikis, i.e. entries to be processed:

Medicine and Therapy:


miasm theories



Homeopathic remedies

Therapeutic effectiveness

family constellations


alternative medicine

Harald Walach

Bach flower therapy (comments on ineffectiveness, literature references only critical side)

Edzard Ernst (no critical aspects)

evidence-based medicine (possibly expanding critical aspects)

anthroposophical medicine (tendentious selection of sources, devaluations, literature is missing)

Vaccination (sections on side effects, vaccine fatigue and contraindications grossly wrong, vaccination criticism and economic interests very tendentious)

Healing Stones, Crystal healing

Politics and History


Imperialism (current role of USA completely absent)

Genocide (hardly any Indians, not at all Aborigines)

Indian Wars (choice of words "conflict of interest", territorial claims)

Aborigines (mass murder hardly mentioned)

NATO (choice of words "Defence Alliance", unkitic or misrepresentation of the Iraq war and NATO's eastward expansion; criticism section completely inadequate, arms expenditures unmentioned, privatization of the wars unmentioned)

UNO (not dealing sufficiently with the war ban and illegal wars of aggression)

World peace (no evidence of UN war ban and illegal wars of aggression)

11.9.2001 and WTC7

Crimean crisis


Psiram (Illegalität - wegen Unterschlagung der Autorenschaft - wird unterschlagen)

KenFM und andere kritische Plattformen

Wikipedia (keine Kritik)

Natural and Social Sciences

Pseudoscience (totally tendentious)

Parascience (totally tendentious)

Esotericism (much good, some in need of correction, literature completely insufficient)

Morphic Field, Rupert Sheldrake (unbalanced reporting aimed only at criticism)


conspiracy theory


Wilhelm Reich


Electrosmog (section scientific investigations)

Shamanism (section about Eliade unobjective)