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The Mission

Who we are and what motivates us

FreeWiki was founded in the environment of complementary and alternative medical therapists and doctors who, beyond their immediate healing activities, have developed an interest in the social, ecological and spiritual problems of our society, with which many individual symptoms of illness are closely connected.

In the larger context, it becomes clear that while sufficient material, technical and scientific foundations are important for our lives and we can be grateful for the standard we have achieved, non-material values, sustainable development and meaning in life are indispensable for our health and happiness.

In the face of global, rapidly worsening crises, we have come to the conclusion that the solutions cannot come from the same, solely materialistically oriented attitudes that created the problems.
Only when people can reconnect with the big picture and with a spiritual, non-material perspective is there hope of overcoming the current challenges.
On such a basis, individual responsibility and the strength to act collectively can develop. Reconciliation and tolerance require unbiased knowledge of each other's point of view, knowledge base and attitude.

We want to work not only for the individual health of our patients, but also for a society and environment in which it is worth living, and in which we, our children and grandchildren, can thrive and stay healthy.

"There's no shame in knowing nothing, but there is in learning nothing."


The Vision

Why FreeWiki is important

Free access to information and the free formation of opinions with the possibility to consider even very different points of view and statements are a central prerequisite for the self-liberation of people from prejudice, immaturity and indifference.
In order to counteract fake news, opinion making, censorship, fundamentalism and populism, facts and contexts must be accessible to everyone quickly, completely, comprehensibly and reliably.

In the precarious situation of our civilization and our planet, it is essential for those who want to be constructive, healing, socially inclusive and consciousness-expanding to have access to the information that is important for this movement, which is often incomplete or misrepresented in the mainstream media.

In addition to the scientific perspective, it is essential to consider holistic perspectives as equally important for solving our global problems, not only in medicine but in all areas of life. Since the solution cannot be expected from the same strategy, perspective and knowledge base that created the problem, opening our perspective to a holistic, spiritual and non-dogmatic view of the world is more important today than ever.

But that's what Wikipedia is for!

Right. But knowledge is not neutral. Every source of information is created according to certain aspects and predetermined interests; therefore it is said: Knowledge is power.

Wikipedia is an attempt to compile the knowledge of a materialistic-mechanistic world view. With this representation of the world, Wikipedia has almost achieved a global monopoly on information and opinion, which gives the false impression that the views broadcast there are objective or scientific. A reductionist ideology is cleverly disguised as information.

Moreover, the materialistic world view is defended in an aggressive way. Massive censorship is exercised against other ideological positions or their representatives – in violation of their own statutes, by the way. The one-sided representations or false assertions cannot be corrected or supplemented by external contributors, because administrators prevent this by blocking and deleting them. All this is not the work of individual troublemakers, but the result of a broadly based and well-financed media campaign with the declared aim of spreading materialism as the only valid ideology and abolishing holistic healing methods and views. (evidence for all this in the FreeWiki article 'Wikipedia')

This is unsatisfactory for those whose view of the world is based on other basic positions.
The world desperately needs a source of information that takes a broader view, reports objectively and fairly on all issues and provides material that cannot fall victim to the manipulations of Wikipedia.

Our solution

Therefore, the platform FreeWiki ( was founded, which opens its perspective to broader world views, unconventional science and to views outside the political left-right mainstream. FreeWiki also reports what is not available to be read in Wikipedia.

In addition to providing different information to the general public, FreeWiki also offers the possibility to collect the extensive knowledge from alternative life areas, unconventional sciences and complementary medicine in one place in an easily accessible way, thus creating a database for a holistic social movement.

FreeWiki combines the knowledge and understanding of connections from several emancipative social currents: social, ecological, alternative-medical, spiritual, and politico-critical and thus serves a better mutual understanding and connection of the respective groups. Because only together can we meet the current challenges!

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

Albert Einstein

The Implementation

How does FreeWiki ensure high quality and balance of contributions?

FreeWiki works basically the same way as Wikipedia and is a community project that lives from the fact that many people actively participate.
At FreeWiki there are no anonymous entries and each contribution must first be approved by an editorial office.
The quality of the contributions is to be ensured by individual expert editors. For alternative medicine, there is already an English and a German-speaking editorial team, each with a group of experienced doctors and therapists. Individual contributions can also be created, taken over or translated by paid assistants under the supervision of a specialist editorial team in order to accelerate the developm

Who is behind FreeWiki?

FreeWiki was created in the environment of complementary medicine, because this has been particularly affected by defamation campaigns in recent times.
Specifically, FreeWiki was founded by Jörg Wichmann, an alternative practitioner and book author. In addition to alternative medicine, he is also interested in other topics of holistic science, spirituality and sustainable living and politics.
He is now the managing director of FreeWiki gGmbH and is the driving force until the project rests stable on numerous shoulders.
FreeWiki has its headquarters and office near Cologne and the servers are privately owned in Germany.

How is FreeWiki financed and is there any influence on it?

FreeWiki is free of charge and advertising and is only financed by donations. As a non-profit organization, FreeWiki is able to issue tax-deductible donation receipts and is closely monitored by the German tax authorities regarding its financial conduct.
Donors are not granted any influence on the design or selection of the contents and topics.
In this respect FreeWiki is completely independent and free of conflicts of interest.

How does FreeWiki deal with different points of view and evaluations on a topic?

FreeWiki is meant to be informative, an encyclopaedia. Opinions are therefore reported on and not represented. In this way, different interpretations and views of controversial issues are juxtaposed, provided that they are within an ethically acceptable framework (no discrimination, no clear false statements, no improvable assertions). FreeWiki signs the “Contract for the web”.

What else is characteristic of FreeWiki?

FreeWiki brings order to the flood of information and establishes connections.
FreeWiki shows that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
FreeWiki is difficult to manipulate, because it is overseen by editorial groups.
FreeWiki is transparent and honest and the authors are known by name.
FreeWiki does not censor or manipulate and also shows controversial aspects and views.
FreeWiki remains open and leaves questions where there are no clear answers.

What makes FreeWiki different from other alternative media and platforms?

FreeWiki is only about information, facts and connections; it is not a forum for expressing opinions or daily positioning. FreeWiki is not topic-bound, like many specialised websites, but it brings together different areas of knowledge and gives them a common platform. In this respect it complements the other media and creates a permanent and reliable presence for knowledge from all areas in one place - the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi

The Way

What is already done

  • FreeWiki is already online and well known to a small but very interested audience.
  • FreeWiki is recognised and registered as a non-profit limited company.
  • An organisational infrastructure – accounts, office, server, email – is already in place.
  • FreeWiki already works technically as a platform and has essential functions installed.
  • FreeWiki has a number of competent co-operators, whose number is slowly increasing.
  • FreeWiki is bilingual - German and English.
  • A number of key topics are already well developed and available online.

The next steps

  • Specialist editorial groups are being set up.
  • Stable financing is ensured by several major sponsors.
  • Extensive topic lists are created and installed in FreeWiki.
  • Several auxiliary staff are recruited and trained.
  • Some technical improvements will be installed as soon as funding is available.
  • Comprehensible introductions to the use of the Wiki software are written.
  • Advertising measures in social media and articles in online magazines are being taken.

Targets for the first year

  • Specialist editorial groups for alternative medicine, homeopathy, science, politics.
  • Develop bilingualism.
  • Complete the technology: language switching, menu, categories, introduction.
  • Increase presence in other alternative media and on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Offer articles on several central landing pages with sufficient quality.

Long-term objectives

  • Installation of more than two languages and creation of corresponding editorial groups.
  • Close networking with other alternative media and platforms.
  • Conversion of important topics into video formats in order to appeal to younger users in particular.
  • Installation of a news area.
  • Solid presence in social media.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Arthur Schoppenhauer

The Financing

Such an extensive project needs a solid economic basis to survive for a long future. And it should not be undertaken solely by voluntary work. Only a healthy financing guarantees the important independence.
Since we have principally excluded advertising, the only remaining economic foundation is a broad donation base.

For example, funds are needed for the professional translation or editing of good articles, provided this cannot be done on a voluntary basis. The fees for a server and the technical maintenance, software, accounting, tax advice, account management are running costs of a few hundred Euros per month, which have to be raised constantly. The meeting of specialised editorial offices requires the coverage of expenses and travel costs. And in the case of technical or even legal problems some reserve must be available.
As with all non-profit organisations in Germany, all economic activities are
closely monitored by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

FreeWiki gGmbH is a non-profit organisation and can issue tax-deductible donation receipts according to German law.
Small donations can simply be deposited into one of the specified accounts.
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank - DE87 4306 0967 1037 7813 00 (BIC: GENODEM1GLS)
For Paypal you can use the "donate" button below.

If you would like to support FreeWiki with a larger donation or are looking for another form of sponsoring and have any questions, please contact us.

We appreciate every form of support!

FreeWiki gGmbH (charitable Ltd.)
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Phone: +49 2205 912563
Commercial Register Cologne HRB 100433

Commercial Register Cologne HRB 100433
German Tax number 204/5828/0717
Account: GLS Gemeinschafts Bank DE87 4306 0967 1037 7813 00 (BIC: GENODEM1GLS)

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