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Dear (potential) contributors to FreeWiki, thank you for your interest and willingness to support this project. In the current phase, the main focus is on creating as good, comprehensive and precise entries as possible for a number of important topics, which can serve as an ideal "starting capital" for the alternative encyclopedia.

We may use existing Wikipedia articles or their information if they are correct and well documented. We do not have to reinvent the wheel, but only correct, supplement or clarify what is incorrect, defamatory or tendentious. And of course we can and should also use materials that we already have in the drawer and adapt them for lexical purposes.

However, it is important for our project that all standards that are applied to an encyclopedia should apply to FreeWiki. It should be an information platform, not an opinion platform. We do not want to repeat the mistakes of Wikipedia only under different signs. What we say we can prove well, it will earn us respect.

Please make private copies of all articles or contributions and keep them with you. The project is just starting and it can always happen that something goes wrong technically and the contents get lost. Theoretically, this should not and cannot be possible. But you never know.

If something doesn't work, please write me an email ( I'm always happy to help.

I am looking forward to how it will continue and what contributions there will be.

kind regards



First you have to create a user account (top right here), so log in. Then you can edit pages or create new ones.

You can start a new page' by entering the desired page title in the address bar of the existing page after "php?title=" and pressing Enter. Then you will be asked automatically for the new creation of this page and you can click on "Edit" (on top the tab next to "Read") to fill the page with content.

Inserting pictures is a bit complicated. Please send to me. I'll do it first.

Copies from Wikipedia are easily done by clicking on "Show source code" in the top right corner of the Wikipedia article, then copying and pasting the complete source code into FreeWiki. To remove the many internal links that don't work here, copy the text into an empty Word file before inserting it, go to "Edit / Replace" and replace all square double brackets (i.e. ]] and [[) with nothing. This deletes them and the internal links disappear.

Footnotes are created by inserting <,ref> before the footnote text and </,ref> (without the commas before ref) at the corresponding text position. The numbering is automatic. Footnotes from Wikipedia copies are copied automatically.