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Georgos Vithoulkas; (Γιώργος Βυθούλκας, * on 25th July, 1932 in Athens) is a Greek homeopath.



George Vithoulkas is today:

  • Honorary Professor at the University of the Aegean, Greece,
  • Honorary Professor at the Moscow Medical Academy (Academy of Medical Sciences),
  • Honorary Professor at the State Medical University of Chuvash Republic (Russia),
  • Honorary Professor of the Autonomous (NonProfit) Organisation of Additional Professional Education-"National Educational Centre for Traditional and Complementary Medicine" (Russia),
  • Professor at the Kiev Medical Academy,
  • Honorary Professor of PHEE “Kyiv Medical University”,
  • Honorary Professor at Dnipro Medical Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Ukraine),

Collaborating Professor at the Basque Medical University (2001-2004),

  • Doctor Honoris Causa of “Dr. Viktor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara (Romania) and
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of “Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
  • Senior Associate Member of Royal Society of Medicine, UK.


In 1996, he was honored with the Right Livelihood Award (also known as Alternative Nobel Prize, “…for his outstanding contribution to the revival of homeopathic knowledge and the training of homeopaths to the highest standards”[1]. The United Nations (Development Forum) consider this award “Among the world’s most prestigious awards”.

In 2000, George Vithoulkas was honored with the Gold Medal of the Hungarian Republic, by the country’s President, Arpad Goncz, for his work in the homeopathic medicine.[2] In 2000, George Vithoulkas was awarded by the Minister of Health in India with the Gold Medal as the “Homeopath of the Millennium”.

In 2012, he was honored with the Honorary Award of National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in Ukraine named after P.L. Shupyk" (George Vithoulkas - Honorary Professor, a distinguished scholar and teacher).


In 1980, George Vithoulkas was invited by the World Health Organization to write the first article on homeopathy for the book, Traditional Medicine, published by WHO, as well as the main article in the round table discussion for WHO’s scientific magazine, the World Health Forum[3] journal.

In 1996, he was invited by the European Parliament to explain the position of homeopathy and after his presentation the European Parliament voted in favour of homeopathy.

On 11th June, 1999, George Vithoulkas was requested by the Council of Europe to make a day- long presentation on homeopathic medicine (as part of their evaluation of alternative therapeutic methods) before the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee. The text that was published thereafter mentions his receipt of the Alternative Nobel Prize and refers to his categorization of the various alternative methods.

In 2008, Prof. George Vithoulkas was invited as an honorary speaker to express his views on homeopathy in an opening speech at the “2nd World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)”. In his speech, entitled “Is Homeopathy a Science?”, George Vithoulkas reported on the impressive developments in homeopathy over the past fifteen years. He described the basic principles of homeopathy and stressed that clinical experience of thousands of homeopaths worldwide on treating chronic diseases has led to the conclusion that homeopathy is classed as an “Evidence Based Medicine”[4].



George Vithoulkas is the author of the following books (

  • “Homeopathy-Medicine of the New Man” (1st Edition 1971 by Kouros Books, USA, 21 editions after this)
  • “Homeopathy-Medicine for the New Millennium” (Published by International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, 2003)
  • “The Science of Homeopathy” (Published by Grove Press, 1980, USA, several editions)
  • “The Levels of Health” (the second volume of “The Science of Homeopathy”, Published by International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, 2010)
  • “Materia Medica Viva” (12 volumes–Homeopathic Pharmacology–Published by International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, starting 1993, in process)
  • “A New Model for Health and Disease” (Published by North Atlantic Books, USA, 1986)
  • “Talks on Classical Homeopathy” (Published by B. Jain Publishers, India, 1988)
  • “Essence of Materia Medica” (Published by International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, 1988)
  • “Classical Homeopathy for Anxiety and Jealousy” (Published by Urs Maurer, Switzerland, 2001)
  • “Homeopathic Conference Esalen” (1st Edition in English, 1980)
  • “The Bern Seminar” (Published by Ulrich Burgdorf, Switzerland, 1987)
  • “The Celle Seminars” (Published by Ulrich Burgdorf, Switzerland, 1992)
  • “The Basic Ideas of Homeopathy” (Published by Ianos, Greece, 2008 – Best Seller for 9 months)
  • “Homeopathy, The Great Challenge in Medicine” (Published by Livanis, Greece, 2008)
  • “The Basic Principles of Homeopathy” (e-Book by I-Tunes-Apple and Kindle- Amazon, 2014, in English language)

His books have been translated into thirty-three (33) languages. Most of his books, in various languages, are mentioned in the NLM Catalog (National Library of Medicine, Some of the most well known libraries that host his books are “The Library of Congress”, “The British Library”, “Harvard University Library”, “Cambridge University Library”, “Stanford University Library”, “The Library of Université Catholique de Louvain”, “The Karolinska Institute Library”, “WHO Library” (World Health Organisation), “The Berkeley Library”, “Die Deutsche Bibliothek”.


George Vithoulkas’ most important Articles, to be found in peer-reviewed journals, are the following:

  • How Can Healthier Children Be Born? A Hypothesis on How to Create a Better Human Race, Med Sci Hypotheses 2017; 4: 38-46, G Vithoulkas, S Mahesh
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Vitiligo: A Report of Fourteen Cases, Am J Cases Rep 2017 Dec 2; 18: 1273-1283, S Mahesh, M Mallappa, D Tsintzas, G Vithoulkas
  • Improvements in long standing cardiac pathologies by individualized homeopathic remedies: a case series, SAGE Open Med Case Rep. 2018 Aug 9;6:2050313X18792813, L Tenzera, B Djindjic, O Mihajlovic-Elez, BJ Pulparampil, S Mahesh, G Vithoulkas
  • Levels of Health Theory with the Example of a Case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, J Evid Based Integr Med. 2018 Jan-Dec;23:2515690X18777995, D Chanabov, D Tsintzas, G Vithoulkas
  • An innovative proposal for scientific alternative medical journals, J Med Life 2017 Jul-Sep; 10(3): 197-199, G Vithoulkas
  • Ebryomal Carcinoma with immature Teratoma: a Homeopathic Case Report, Complement Med Res. 2017 Oct 30. doi: 10.1159/000481819, S Mahesh, M Mahesh, G Vithoulkas
  • Homeopathic treatment for prolonged postoperative coma: a case report, J Med Life 2017 Apr-Jun; 10(2):118-121, G Vithoulkas, V Văcăraș, J Kavouras, AD Buzoianu, M Mărginean, D Văcăraș, S Cozma
  • Homeopathic Treatment for Postpartum Depression, J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med. 2016 Jan 1:2156587216682168. doi: 10.1177/2156587216682168, V Văcăraş, G Vithoulkas, AD Buzoianu, I Mărginean, Z Major, V Văcăraş, RD Nicoară, M Oberbaum
  • Individualized Homeopathic Therapy in a Case of Obesity, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, and Autonomic Dystonia, Am J Case Rep 2018; 19:1474-1479  :: DOI: 10.12659/AJCR.913328, T G Denisova, L I Gerasimova, N L. Pakhmutova, S Mahesh, G Vithoulkas
  • Treatment of Postoperative Sore Throat With the Aid of the Homeopathic Remedy Arnica montana: A Report of Two Cases, J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med. 2017 Nov, D Tsintzas, G Vithoulkas
  • Serious mistakes in meta-analysis of homeopathic research, J Med Life 2017 Jan-Mar;10(1):47-49, G Vithoulkas
  • The controversy over the “Memory of Water”, Med Sci Hypotheses 2017; 4:1-6, G Vithoulkas
  • Homeoprophylaxis, the Great Misunderstanding, Homœopathic Links 2016; 29(02): 111-112, G Vithoulkas
  • Assessing Human Health-Correlation of Autoimmune Diseases with Chemically Suppressed Acute Infections of Patient’s Past Medical History, Journal of Autoimmune Diseases and Rheumatology, DOI:, S Kivellos, S Mahesh, G Vithoulkas
  • Opinions about studying non-conventional medicine, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 2015. Vol. 7. Suppl. 1: 42, R Jurcau, I Jurcau, G Vithoulkas
  • Fracture treatment with the aid of the homeopathic remedy Symphytum officinale. A report of four cases. Clin Case Rep Rev 1: doi: 10.15761/CCRR.1000234, D Tsintzas, G Vithoulkas
  • The Posology and Doses of Remedies Used by Hahnemann in His Provings, Homoeopathic Links, 2015; 28(3):190-194, S Simadopoulou, G Vithoulkas
  • Gangrene: Five case studies of gangrene, preventing amputation through Homoeopathic therapy, Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy 2015; 9(2): 114-122, S Mahesh, M Malappa, G Vithoulkas
  • Correlation of Medical Anamnesis with Current Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Receiving Hemodialysis: A Retrospective Study of Causative and Exacerbating Factors from Homeopathic Point of View, International Archives of Medicine, 2015; Vol. 8, No 150, S Nikitopoulou, S Kachrilas, S Kyvellos, G Papafilippou, G Vithoulkas
  • Homeopathy for infertility treatment: a case series, Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology 2014;41(2):158-9, T Kalampokas, S Botis, A Kedikgianni-Antoniou, D Papamethodiou, S Kivellos, V Papadimitriou, G Salvanos, N Paparistidis, I Gavaris, C Sofoudis, E Kalampokas, G Farmakides, G Vithoulkas
  • Conscience and Consciousness: a definition, J Med Life. 2014 Mar 15;7(1):104-8. Epub 2014 Mar 25, G Vithoulkas, D Muresanu
  • Clinical trial of homeopathy in rheumatoid arthritis, Letter to the Editor, Homeopathy (2011) 100, 300, G Vithoulkas
  • The “continuum” of a unified theory of diseases. Medical Science Monitor, 2010; 16(2): SR715, G Vithoulkas, S Carlino
  • Debate: British media attacks on homeopathy: Are they justified? Homeopathy, Volume 97, Number 2, April 2008, Pages 103-106, G Vithoulkas
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In the prestigious “Papyros Larousse-Britannica[5] encyclopedia, in a three column article, he is portrayed as “leader homeopath, one of the most famous reformers of homeopathy during the twentieth century, the man who infused homeopathy with new ideas on a scientific base”. His work is mentioned in “Who’s Who in the World”, (18th edition, p.2293).

His name is also mentioned in the website Better World Heroes[6], among approximately one thousand personalities whose work influenced or helped humanity.


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